Are you satisfied with your life? Do you have any obstacles in your reality?

Believe it or not, your reality is as you wish unconsciously. Sometimes your unconsciousness seems to be your enemy, but it is not true: it creates your current life for your own benefit.

A healing helps you change your mind and rebuild your reality as you want.

Using healing modalities, you can heal various issues:

– physical health
– emotional difficulties
– relationship
– money
– manifesting for your dream
– spiritual growth
– difficult situations
– etc…

If you would like to improve your situation and create a better reality, I can support you with a healing.

How can I help you?

Our service

– A healing session (using ThetaHealing®)
– ThetaHealing® classes (in Japanese)

My home ground is Tokyo, Japan. However, you can receive my session from anywhere via Skype. Especially, if you stay in Japan and have any issues about your life in Japan, I could help you a lot as I am from Japan.


*Now all classes are held in Japanese.

Mid-July to Mid-August, 2018
Staying in Montana, US (for taking ThetaHealing® Instructors Classes)